Save me a Biscuit Grandma

Save a Biscuit for me Grandma.

I think that is the single phrase I used most when talking
to Grandma Holt.

Grandma Holt is known by many names and by many people. One
could call her his wife and others could call her Mom.

To some she was called Naoma and others Sister Holt. Many
people call her Mama Holt but to a handful of us we knew her as Nana or

Grandma passed away and I know she is with Jesus in a happy
place along with loved ones that preceded her arrival. I know we all understand
the suffering on this earth is over for her but we still want her to stay at
the same time.

Grandma Holt is a lady that has not evolved in my lifetime.
You may not understand my statement but just hang on.

I don’t know what Grandma was like as a young lady. I’m sure
she had dreams of reaching for the stars and I’m sure she had troubled times
just like everyone else but I just can’t picture it in my head.

I can’t picture Grandma Holt even thinking of doing
something wrong or telling a lie. I sure can’t imagine her as a trouble maker or
one to tell a joke that wasn’t of the purest nature.

I don’t know what Grandma Holt would look like without her
long hair tied up in a bun and wearing a modest dress.

I can tell you we all know what she looks like when she
starts to wag that finger at you. It has wagged itself out of joint a time or
two just at me. Grandma always laughed but when I would tell a joke that started
getting border-line that finger would whip out and I swear I could hear the
theme song to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Just recently I felt froggy so I told her a joke about how
to capture a polar bear…………….. wewhh… I almost lost an eye!!

I lied and said
“Grandma, Pastor Orange told me that joke” she said “well wait till I see him, I’ll
tell him what for!” “Grandma” I said…. “It’s just a joke….. It’s funny….. I
can’t help that your mind thought it was ugly”. Let me tell you it was a clean
joke but so close to the edge Grandma Holt felt it was inappropriate. I’m just
thankful I had already eaten the biscuits she had saved for me before I told

In a lot of ways I can compare Grandma Holt to Jesus.

Grandma did not evolve to conform to the world. She had her
feet on the path before I ever knew her and she was the sweet God fearing woman
all the way through my life and to the end of hers.

When I say Grandma did not evolve I mean it as the greatest
compliment I can think of. Grandma Holt accepted me and she never wavered in
her love for any of us just like Christ Himself.

God may have fed the Israelite’s with Manna from Heaven but
Grandma Holt made better biscuits.

We always hear at times like this…… we are not here to
grieve but to celebrate a life. Well that’s bologna! I’m going to miss her. I
love you Grandma Holt…….. save me a biscuit.



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3 responses to “Save me a Biscuit Grandma

  1. Ray Buxton

    Thomas, and Linda, Charles and Roxie Stella and those that names escape`me right now, you have lost a wonderful woman. I can remember her being a loving wife and mother for as long as I have been in Deweyville. Her and Johnny were real Americans and Christians that lived the life as well as talked it. Cannot say that about a lot of us now days.

    I know you are all sad right now at the loss, but Charles she is waving that finger at you right now. Take care and remember I will pray for each and every one of you.


  2. Roxane

    We are gona miss you grandma!


  3. Melissa

    I am sorry for your loss, but you all will carry her in your hearts for ever and she is waiting to give you another biscuit. You have very good memories that count for a lot. If the world could be full of God Loving People, like your grandma, it would be such a wonderfull place. I love you,
    Aunt Melissa


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