I was born in Houston Texas but grew up in Deweyville Texas. I have been married to the lovely Roxane for 20 years. She was born in Ohio but got to Texas as quickly as she could. Our wonderful children are Brandy Briggs and Robert ‘Button’ McDonald


What initially began as a few emails to friends has turned into an ongoing documentary.
My wife, Roxane, and I had just come home to Texas, after being on tour with some well-known Broadway musicals for the last three years.
I would like to say we were part of the show, singing and dancing, but I can’t. Rox could probably pull it off but not this fat boy. We just owned one of the trucks it took to move these shows from city to city. It was great fun until tragedy struck.
First we had a major engine malfunction to the tune of $38,000.00 – let me tell you that hurt. We spent a lot of time and money in the selection and purchase of a new truck.
Almost immediately upon our purchase my wife’s stepdad passed away, another tragedy. I found myself on tour without my helpmate because she went to be with her mother.
I did not like it one bit. I found myself in a strange truck by myself, and I felt as lost as a man could feel. I did the only thing a man of my higher learning could be expected to do in a time of crisis like that—I quit my job and sold my truck! I know. I’m a wuss. But it seemed like a good idea at the time.
I soon found out I didn’t have the money it took to live a normal life without a job so I started looking for work. My dad used to tell me the only problem he ever had with looking for work is that he always found it, and I think I have the same curse.
I was hired on to go to Afghanistan and drive a truck for the US Military.
I wrote an email to my family and friends to let them all know what I was doing and then followed up that email with others just to keep everybody up to date.
What started as a note to friends has turned into the journal you are about to read. This journal really has no specific intent other than to share with my friends what this old Texas boy (not really old, just a figure of speech) was experiencing outside the confines of the southeast Texas piney woods.
As I rewrite all of my emails, I will try and take away the email format by combining each story as gracefully as I can for your enjoyment. All of the original stories are here in their entirety and many are untouched in the way they read. In some, however, I have gone more in depth and expanded upon the original material.
You will discover I begin a lot of my paragraphs with the word “I”.  A simple explanation is the fact that I am talking about me. What can I say? I hope you enjoy my story.
This book is about my personal adventures as a contractor working with the US Military inAfghanistan.

My story begins with me looking for a job and actually finding one. I cover the process I had to go through to get the job and the struggle of a Texas country boy making his way through herds of people from many different cultures…………………. And this is just to get to Afghanistan. I was one lost hombre.
By reading my book you will think I just attract stupid people but it’s not that way at all. We all experience these people every day, I just happened to write about mine.
I met and interacted with many people who became subjects to write home about.
The one thing I regret is not writing more. After the contract was signed and first draft of the book came to fruition it was too late to add to it. There may be an opportunity for a second book if this one is received well.
I did not set out to write a book.I found myself writing about things that were happening to me and sharing them with my email contacts.

I think it was more to keep my mind occupied than anything else because I was truly miserable going through this ordeal and all I wanted to do was come home.
When I started receiving compliments and feedback to my stories it became the highlight of my day to read them. I couldn’t wait to get back to my computer and become absorbed in the fanfare. I had no ideathat someone could enjoy anything I wrote and I was very surprised. I still wonder if anybody that is not kin to me or my friends will enjoy them.

At the persistence of my friends and family my wife put all of my emails into a manuscript and sent it out to see if any publisher would like it. Many calls and letters started coming in from companies that wanted me to pay them to publish my book but I was very adamant about not paying one red cent. I did not get discouraged because I never expected to have a book published anyway.
One day while I was at work my wife received a call from a New York City Publishing Company. The president of the company wanted to talk to me about publishing my book. Roxane let him know in no uncertain terms that I would not pay one cent to a publisher. This man just laughed and said no mam you misunderstand me. We want to publish this book.
This fellow later told me that my manuscript made its way through the ranks to his desk so he read it. He said he put it aside for two weeks and read it again to see how the second reading affected him.
I signed a contract for the book to be published and now it will be up to the world to decide if it likes my style… mainly my warped sense of humor.
I have many awards from when I was in the Service and when I became a Police Officer but I have no awards for my writings.
The publisher wanted to know where I went to school to learn creative writing and he seemed shocked that I had no formal education. I can only attribute my writing to all the reports I had to write as a cop. I always did pride myself on the fact any person could pick up my report and be transported in their mind back to the crime scene.
I’m getting side tracked. This section wanted me to list my awards. I don’t have any relevant to writing a book so until somebody gives me one I have nothing to post.
Favorite Books
KJV Holy Bible, All books, I have many books. An entire library. I love all kinds of books.
Personal Information
I was born in a Houston Texas but grew up in Deweyville Texas.I have been married to the lovely Roxane for 20 years. She was born in Ohio but got to Texas as quickly as she could.

Our wonderful children are Brandy Briggs and Robert ‘Button’ McDonald

Personal Interests
enough said

14 responses to “About

  1. John Allison

    I was fortunate enough to read an advanced copy of this book. It is a funny, touching and deeply moving story as seen through the eyes of a good ol boy. This is a must read for anyone with a sense of humor and a desire to see the world through a true patriots eyes.


  2. Thank you my friend for the flowers. I am thinking about putting together another book. I am going to start several story lines for this page and see where the story leads me.


  3. herman foster

    Behind every good man is a good woman,you got 1 of the best,,God Bless


  4. Melissa

    Wow, I’m interested in reading your book. I had no idea you went to afghanistan. I’ve talked to people who went to work over there and heard there stories. I lost track of you, I’ve had some big changes in my life. You have my email now keep in touch, please. Love u, Aunt Melissa



    WOW ! can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of your book. Really, I couldn’t even quit reading the introduction on this page… lol .. Hey I always said ” There is nothing like doing what u love and getting paid for it “. lol… you have a gift Charles… Go for it . I love to read, especially books I can’t put down . So I’m headed to the book store… will let you know when I finish it… Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us… Di


  6. Shirley Wilson

    Hi Charles,
    This is Mrs. Wilson and I’m still out here! I was so surprised to read your column in the Newton Co. News and to know that you remembered me from your junior high school days. You will never know how good it made me feel to hear your words of praise! Teachers don’t get much of that. I enjoyed your column and look forward to reading many more, and I am going to order your book. Love, Mrs. Shirley Wilson


    • Mrs. Wilson,
      Thank you for letting me know you are still out there.
      You are right Teachers do not get the credit they deserve and you deserve the most. You may not even remember me personally and I can certainly understand if you don’t because of all the students you mentored in your career. But I remember you.
      I think you would be surprised at the impact you made on all of us that were privileged to have known you. There is not a single person I have talked to that has anything but the greatest admiration for you.
      Mrs. Wilson you had the greatest impact upon my young soul. I looked forward to going to school because even though you may have been upset with me a time or two with good reason I knew in my heart you were a sanctuary of hope and peace for me. I needed that but didn’t understand at the time why. Thank you.
      You are a wonderful person and YES I can say that I love you without reservations. Do not buy my book because I would love to see you again and can give it to you in person and hug your neck.
      I should be back home at the end of November. Charles


  7. justin vincen

    hey charles il just say best safety guy ever


  8. Biff Coleman

    I grew up in Deweyville, about 1960-1971…who are you related to there?


  9. Hey! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!


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