Diabetect ?? Who…. Me ???

Diabetes??? Who me??

Ok here we go. Guess what? If you guessed that I am Diabetic
you guessed right. Wow! It came as a shock for me to.

This is my first attempt to write about it and I am feeling
quite sick at the moment. My lovely bride has just given me an insulin shot and
I think the cure is worse than the disease at the moment. I hope I don’t barf
on my keyboard.

Here I am complaining to myself and letting my fingers
complain to you about my upset stomach when Roxane……… that’s my beautiful wife
walks in and hands me a warm hardboiled egg. I close the lid on my computer so
I can use it as a dinner table. She places the egg nestled ever so sweetly in
the folds of a paper towel on my dinner table. I look at it…………….. I look at my
wife…………. She smiles and walks out of the room……………… I look at the egg………. My
stomach hurts…………….. I reach for the salt that someone happened to leave close
by……….. I look at the egg…… the insulin gave me a tremendous headache this
morning and I can feel another one coming on now………. I look at the egg…….. I
sprinkle salt on it thinking about how miserable I am and wonder if life is
going to change now that I have been diagnosed with Diabetes…….. I look at the
egg……………… I eat the egg………….. Yes life is going to change for both my wife and
myself but some things will not change. I guess the moral of this story is if I
find myself looking at a warm freshly boiled egg I am going to eat it.

I got side tracked on what I want to write about.

About a month ago I realized I was not feeling very well but
I didn’t understand why. I am in a unique position to share my journey from the
beginning since it has only just begun.

The journey began without me knowing with whom I was
traveling with. I learned last Friday June 17 2011 I had been kidnapped by a
one legged beast named diabetes. I say one legged because I may not know much
about diabetes but I do know in order to kick my but you at least need to have
two legs!

I am going to attempt to catalogue my experiences on this
journey as they happen. People have asked me why I haven’t written more stories
and my answer has always been the same. I can’t just make up a story and write,
but if I experience something I can share it with the world.

My wife says I would make a wonderful travel writer. She thinks
if National Geographic would hire me to travel and write I would become a famous
author. Well this may not be as glorious but it is a journey we are both going
on so sit back and enjoy the trip as we learn what life has in store for us.

Anyone is welcome to add to my post as they come out. Share
your stories with me and I will post them, as well as learn more about what is

Charles McDonald Holt


12 responses to “Diabetect ?? Who…. Me ???

  1. Roxane

    I love you Babe…..and we will get through this together! I know God will carry us to the other side. Thank you Jesus!


  2. Steve Womack

    WELCOME to the club , if you need advice I may can help you .
    I have been a diabetic for a while and have learned a few things .One , it affects everyone differntly . Two shots dont have to hurt. Give me a call and we’ll discuss it or better yet I’ll come by and see you before you get famous.


  3. Roxane

    I have all kinds of questions. Need all the info I can get!



    Hi Charles and Roxane… Don’t know if this will help, but in my 40 or so years off and on of Caring for the Patients with Diabetis…. I have seen many things happen… The most important thing is to take very good care of yourself… and I mean , a life style change.. that will last the rest of your life. most of my family had diabetis… My Dad… you might remember Bill Henson.. lost his Kidneys to the Disease… It will eventually will shut down every organ in your body …. that is why it is important to catch it early and do a great job of caring for yourself ! please do not think of this as being negative coments, because this can be , in most cases , a very manageable problem in your life..People live for years with it.. I believe all but one of Daddy’s sister’s and Bro’s had it.. but , because they loved to eat…they thought it wouldn’t hurt just this one time to ” pig” out.. so to speak… lol and they did love to eat !
    Everyone is different… daddy could eat a slice of pie and not affect his sugar
    to much, but a slice of cake , would send it soaring… so this is a trial and error.. kind of thing, for every individual person.. I do not have it as yet. two of my sisters do…yes, it can be scary… but Charles , please use all the postive thinking you can muster…cause, ..We get out of Life Most times what we put into it…..when we do our Best… God will do the rest..! Dear lord help us all to follow that little saying… my Heart and Prayers are with you thru this Journey …. God Bless..and keep you… your family has always meant a lot to me…


    • Of course I remember Brother Bill. He was my favorite. I was in awe of him and his big truck as a kid. I loved him very much and still miss him.
      Thank you for your comments and the kind words Dianne.
      I am going to continue my post about my new adventure with diabetes and I hope you will enjoy them. So many people said that once I was on the insulin shots I would never get off of them. Guess what? God has led me in a direction that has allowed me to get off the shot anyway.
      As I continue my post it will be in a series chronicling my battle with diabetes but I think in the end you will find i am going to be in good health and living a better life style for the rest of my life. I still have a lot of years ahead of me.
      Thank you for such a thoughtful post and keep us in your prayers. Charles



    Good for you…sounds like you have everything under control… I had a friend in Kirbyville.. that turned her diabetes completely around… she lost a lot of weight and was able to get off her meds totally… awsome… hang in there.. and I’ll be following your posts… hugs to you and your awsome family. Di


  6. Melissa

    I am sorry to hear you have diabities. I know our father can do wonderous things, he is a healer. Stand strong on the rock and have faith and everything is going to be alrigth. I love you
    Aunt Melissa


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