TenderFoot’s Corner 08-21-2011


Who am I ?

My Name is
Charles Holt and I do not have a Bow-Flex body.

I am a long
time resident of Newton County Texas, more specifically Deweyville Texas.

I grew up in
a small town as most of you that read this will already know. In a time when
telling a lie would bring corporal punishment and respect for our elders was
just part of the way God made us.

I was
fortunate to be taught by the finest School Teacher in the world; Mrs. Shirley
Wilson. I haven’t seen or heard anything about her since I left school to join
the Military in 1983. I remember other educators that I may reminisce about
another time but Mrs. Wilson if you’re out there; I have never forgotten you
and could never repay you for the personal interest you took in me as a

I would have
graduated with The Class of 1985 if I had finished school. As it was I joined
the U.S. Army in 1983 and from there I joined the U.S. Coast Guard.

I have a combined
career in Law Enforcement that spans 17 years with 5 of those with Newton
County Sheriff’s Office. Some of you may remember that.

I am the
Author of charles@afghanistan, which was released August 1, 2011. The book was
available for pre-orders a month earlier and I am proud to say it has remained
on Amazons Top 100 Hot New Releases in its category for 7 weeks now.

County News is going to let me write a column but I must say my stories are
going to be all my own. I do not consider myself a writer so don’t go and blame
the New Paper. I have a very warped sense of humor and somehow it reflects in
my writing. I think a writer should know what he is going to write before he or
she puts ink to paper but I don’t. I start writing and my fingers seem to know
what they want to say before my brain engages. My wife would argue that my
brain never engages but she is a woman so I just tune her out like the
background noise on an airplane.

Order my
book on Amazon to get an idea of my writing style…. And to put money in my
pocket. lol

Every week
as long as Newton County News will put up with me I will offer my opinion on
the world around me and the people in it. You will be able to write me back on
my blog www.charlesmcdonaldholt.com and may find your story included in
my weekly post. At the very least you will be immortalized for communing with a
future Best Selling Author.

See what I
mean…. My fingers seem to know the future… I wonder if they know what body they
are connected to.

Anyway, I
have introduced myself so next week expect anything. I will tell a lot of
stories about my wife and you will wonder how I survived living with her. I
will tell about my accounts in the Military and some of my moments with the Sheriff’s
Department, my personal bout with an Angel of God and my resent diagnosis of
Diabetes. See you next week, let the fun begin.



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3 responses to “TenderFoot’s Corner 08-21-2011

  1. James

    Looking forward to it!!!



    I also am looking foward to it… can we get your article in the county paper on line? thanks. DIANNE


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