TenderFoots Corner 09-06-11


I watched a man cry today

I saw him…. He saw me as well through the tears but I know his vision was nothing but
a blur.

What happened???

I know this man and crying is not his forte. What an embarrassment. This guy was
supposed to be strong. He may not be as young as he once was but I didn’t know
getting older made a man weak like this.

He is just standing there with his lips all curled up and eyes squinted looking like
a bawling newborn. What is it that can break a man like him?

This fellow is a leader…. He used to have such a powerful personality, and many have
said that’s what makes him so affective at his job. But look at him now.

A Father?? Yes but what kind? A husband?? Again Yes but what kind? How can a
weeping man be anything but weak? What made him crumble? You may think I am
being insensitive but I am curious as to what has happened.

Perhaps he is remembering the loss of a loved one or maybe more than just one. Has he
lost a child and regrets the last words spoken? Could it be his Father has
passed on to the other side without fulfilling dreams they shared together?
Could it be his friend that died of cancer or his cousin? I know his
Grandfather and Grandmother are gone.

I don’t know. Maybe it is the pressure of the job. He is a long way from home so maybe
he feels homesick.

Could it be the loneliness he feels creeping upon him and trying to strangle him? The
house is empty.

I don’t know what made that man break but I’m glad nobody else had to see it. His wife
and Granddaughter will be back from the store in a little while and the
loneliness will disappear once again. Maybe that’s all it is.

I look at the weak man one more time; to offer him courage only to see the patches of
whiskers I have missed.

And this too shall pass…………..

God is Good all the Time.
I am strong. My  God; calls me His own, My Wife; calls me her Love, Mom says she is praying for me, my Granddaughter jumps up and down like a puppy to meet me at the door. The crying man has gone away.     I realize I have no need to shed tears except for the joy I feel right now.

Charles Holt



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3 responses to “TenderFoots Corner 09-06-11

  1. Melissa

    I love it, keep writting. I may be wrong but it has to come from your heart. I get alot of my thoughts and feelings from bilble study. It makes you dig down deep. The word of God has answered alot of things in my life. We both know where came from and where we’ve been and where we are going. I’m very proud of you.
    Love Aunt Melissa


  2. Ray Buxton

    Charles, for a minute I thought that you had seen me somewhere. But I have to say, my friend it was wonderfully written and so many can see themselves in the words you wrote. That is the sign of a very talented writer and I for one am blessed to know you and consider you MY FRIEND.Keep up the good work.


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