FootPrints in the Snow

FootPrints in the Snow



Ok…… How did we start the New Year off?

To begin with my wife and granddaughter spent all of the holidays sick with the flu. Wonderful way to begin a New Year. Come on 2014 is this how it’s going to be?

Enough lamenting. If you know me or have read my other stories you realize by now I have a pretty warped sense of humor. I seem to find things funny even if the situation does not warrant a laugh from regular people. My wife says I’m sick. Hehe, maybe I am but it is how I cope with stressful situations. Anyway, ……. The New Year has begun and without fail my wife Roxane and my Granddaughter Haley have started out in prime condition to begin the blogging season and provide a few stories for my next book.

Roxane and Haley were terribly sick and I found myself waiting on them hand and foot. Thankfully Haley is young and strong so the flu did not keep her down for long but Granny was a different story. That’s not the funny part by the way.

The day started with the alarm clock as usual, 0530hrs. I go about my morning routine getting ready for work. When I open the front door I find that it snowed the night before. Not unusual for Billings Montana I guess. Anyway ……… my truck will not start. It’s too cold.  That’s not the funny part either. I had to hook up the battery charger and called work to let them know I was going to be late.

My wife decided she felt so bad she needed to go to the doctor. Finally!! Because I had been asking her for a week if she wanted to go but it was always nooooo. Of course she wanted to go to the doctor today!!! Well I called work and told them I was just going to take the rest of the day off.

While Roxane and Haley are getting ready I take the trash out to the dumpster, trudging through snow that comes half way up to my knee. This is nice new beautiful snow.

Well the ladies finally ready.

I step out the door first so I can help Roxane because she is so weak from being sick, not to mention 3 days older than dirt. I’m just a good husband, what can I say?   

Of course by this time it’s after 0900hrs and the Sun is bright, reflecting off the snow enough to blind you. I helped Roxane down the steps then helped Haley. Haley being excited about the snow as most kids and other animals are took off so she could plow through the deepest drifts in an effort to maximize the amount of snow she could track into my truck. Roxane on the other hand had her head down while squinting her eyes against the brightness of the Sun trying to carefully step into the footprints I had left behind earlier in the morning.

I followed her, hehehehe.

After a little bit I stepped up beside her and ask where she was going…….. She said she was following my footprints in the snow so she wouldn’t fall. Haha, she was almost to the dumpster!! I guess you had to be there.



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3 responses to “FootPrints in the Snow

  1. Richard stetson

    Great stuff, Hope all is well. Happy new year.
    Richard stetson


  2. Becky Burks

    Oh how I loved reading this! It brought a much needed laugh as I envisioned it…I just wish I could have seen Roxane’s face when she realized where she was!
    Excited about your new book…hurry up!!!


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