TenderFoot’s Corner 09-13-2011

Gold versus Silver

I was going to try to fool you into thinking I was going to write about the value of owning Gold compared to Silver as a Commodity. I intended to use my wit towards the end of my story so that you could see I was actually comparing two types of women instead of precious metals. I may be a smart-alec but I am not smart enough to pull a story like that off.

I do not know if I could have done it or not because after doing a little research on both metals I gave up because it was like doing homework. It was just too much trouble.

My real intent for the whole column this week is to say Happy Birthday to my Precious Silver Haired Bride. I know, you’re wondering “how did you think you was going to pull that off, and make it sound romantic by comparing your wife to a piece of metal”. I don’t know.

I was thinking of the young girls of today…… not for my own selfish reasons…… lol, so don’t even let your mind wonder.

The younger women, I should say, I was going to compare to gold as an investment. How? Well consider how fair and beautiful a bar of gold is. Everybody fawns over it and wants it because it is shiny and soft to the touch and when other people see it they are most definitely thinking of a strategy that will remove it from your possession.

Since I can’t really think of way to compare the two without sounding like an idiot I will concentrate on silver as an investment. Silver in this case is Roxane Holt: my silver haired beauty.

Silver is in the same category as gold since it is a precious metal. Silver may not appear to be as valuable as gold when you first think about it but in many ways it is much more valuable.

How many of my readers possess a gold coin? Let us say you do, now where is it? Locked up somewhere I bet.

The same question… How many of my readers have silver coins?  Let’s say you do, now where is it? They are probably right out in the open, on the mantelpiece, or
in a jar so you can show them off. You don’t have to worry about damage to a
silver coin because it is much sturdier than the gold. You don’t want to lock
it away because a little loving caress with a soft cloth will make it outshine
anything else of value you may have and you feel good about showing it off to
family and friends.

My wife is not a piece of metal nor is she a possession as I have allured to. She is however the most precious thing in my life. I can compare her to the silver coin because she is valuable to me. She has silver hair……. She says it is gray but I know what I’m talking about. When the sun shines on her, she is just like a polished silver coin and outshines anything else.

I take my silver with me. It is not locked up. I am proud to show my silver off to the world.

Is sturdy a sexy or romantic thing to call my wife on her birthday? No, it is not but there is hidden value to that word. My wife has endured great pain and mental anguish through the years and I am sad to say many of those pains were my fault. She is still here, rock steady in her beliefs and set in her ways. Roxane is still the same steady, sturdy, reliable woman I fell in love with so many years ago.

I fell in love with a woman that had a full head of dark hair, and could easily be compared to a 24kt gold nugget because of her beauty and the desire of others wanting to take her away from me.

I am still in love with the same woman, but I would have to compare her to silver now, not that she is any less valuable but for the years of that soft loving touch she is more beautiful today and just like a silver coin that has been polished to a pure white shine she outshines everything else, even a bar of gold.

Today is Roxane Holt’s birthday, she is 51. Find her on Facebook and tell her “your husband is still madly in love with you”.

Even God said….. If a man finds a wife, he has found a good thing.

If you have missed, any of my post become a member of my blog www.charlesmcdonaldholt.com

Charles Holt



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3 responses to “TenderFoot’s Corner 09-13-2011

  1. rox2cha1

    Thank you Babe. I love you too!


  2. Constance Wilkerson



  3. Melissa

    Very Beautifull story. Happy Birthday Rox


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