Headed for the top !!!



Woooo hoooo     folks !!!!!!    I asked if everyone would
repost my link on facebook and it has already paid off.  I can’t believe it.

The New York Times Best Seller List ranks over 8,000,000
books on their list. Until today the closest my book has come to the top was
125,000. That is pretty good considering the book does not come out until
August 1st.

When charles@afghanistan was announced to be released it
came out on the list at 6,500,000 but with the preorders coming in the book
started to climb rapidly.

Over the past to weeks it has been in decline and fell to
1,560,000 on the list. I must apologize because I think it just about caused
the Stock Market to crash.

Well today my friends on facebook helped repost the link to
my webpage. I have no idea who all participated but THANKS………… today alone my
book jumped up to 90,116 from the top. It would be so sweet to make the NYTBS
list before the release date.

90,116 sounds like a long way to go but with preorders
coming in like this I know it can happen. Look at what happened today ……… over
a million other books wa

Amazon Bestsellers Rank History     (What’s This?)

This format of “Charles@Afghanistan: Crazy…” is currently ranked #90,116 out of over 8,000,000 books. (updated hourly)

s bypassed………. Hehe  I am excited.



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