Royal Subject Royal Blood by Charles McDonald Holt

Why did Satan hate Peter? Why does Satan hate us?
I want to always be ready to do anything for the Kingdom of God. When I am asked to testify I never know what to say and I am ashamed for having to be called out. I want to be the first one on my feet to give a great testimony but I seem to just sit there. Yes I have a testimony but it seems the testimonies most dear to me are private and very lengthy. I share the lengthy testimonies with individuals who are paying attention and not just to grandstand to a crowed only paying partial mind of me.
I wish I had the ability to just jump up and quote the Scriptures and give an emotional but short testimony but it never happens that way for me.
I pray that I will always be ready and willing to do my part for the Kingdom of God. I am like most of the family of God when it comes to worship. I will pray, lift my hands in worship and help the Praise Singers sing. I hope to do my part in helping with the Preaching of God’s Word from the pew like everybody else.
There are so many things that need to be done to make a service come together and there has to be a certain satisfaction those people feel that actually have a job to perform in Gods House.
You have members of Gods family that are artist. Some bang on the Drums and some play the piano or organ while others carry the worship service by being the Praise Singers. Some work behind the scenes in the Sound Booth and some even out of sight such as Sunday School Teachers or Secretaries for the Church.
What would I do if I were asked to do more? I am comfortable sitting in the 5th pew on the right side doing what I know to do. What would I do???
Last Sunday morning service….
Pastor Orange asked the question “why did satan hate peter so much?” several answers were given from the congregation but none seemed to be exactly what the Pastor wanted. All the answers where good but not quite in line with the message line that the Pastor was trying to get across. The Pastor turned to Bro. Michael and then to Bro. Pete and I felt like I had an answer and was afraid I would miss my chance so I blurted out “Peter took satans place”.
Pastor Orange asked me to repeat what I had said and contemplated on it for a moment. Pastor Orange said “yes… Peter did take satans place” then the Pastor asked if I wanted to preach on Wednesday night. I of course said “yes” knowing the whole time he was joking with me.
What would I do if I were asked to do more?? I can take comfort in knowing my Pastor was joking with me but What if???
The title of my sermon is Royal Subject Royal Blood.
Luke 22:31 And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat:
Who is Satan and why does he hate Peter?
Satan aka Lucifer was the most beautiful Angel in Gods Kingdom. Lucifer is more commonly recognized as Satan.

As Lucifer the Beautiful, the Bright, The Morning Star had all of Heaven and Earth and for all I know the entire universe to travel and never be more than whisper away from his Creator.

There are many entities in the Kingdom of God. Angels are just some. Cherubim are creatures created to do nothing but worship and stand guard. There is reference to The Sons of God but there is no record I can find that will define them strictly as Angels. You have the Flaming Sword in the Garden of Eden. I know what you’re thinking God placed and Angel with a Flaming Sword to protect the way to the Tree of Life.

Gen. 3:24 So he drove out the man: and he placed at the East of the Garden of Eden Cherubim (plural), and a Flaming Sword (singular) which turned every way, to keep the way of the Tree of Life.

(Rev 12, 7-9) Saint John wrote of Archangel Michael’s role in the War in Heaven where he hurls Satan and the Fallen angels out of heaven to earth:[
This is just a few of what I am going to refer to as Royal Subjects.
A Kingdom has many things working in the background to make it work properly. Kind of like the Church here. First to have a Kingdom you have to have a King. For our heavenly Kingdom of course our King is better known to us as God.
The mightiest Subject in Battle for this Heavenly Realm is the Archangel Michael. Notice I said Subject. No matter how powerful the Archangel was he was still just a created being Subject to the whims of his King aka God.
The Cherubim did not seem to get out a whole lot. I’m not trying to poke fun at them but merely pointing out they had a duty to perform. These Cherubim performs their duty without question because they are Subject to their King aka God.
Lucifer/Satan was the highest ranking Subject God has created. Lucifer was the most beautiful to look upon and he held rein over Heaven Subject only to God Himself.
Lucifer/Satan was Gods right hand man so to speak. Lucifer/Satan could bask in the presence of God the Creator. Lucifer could come and go as he pleased without reservation but his pride started to get in the way. Lucifer/Satan decided he did not want to be second to God. Lucifer started thinking that he was smarter than the Creator Himself. Lucifer/Satan decided he liked how the other Angels were Subject to him and started thinking he should have it all.
To make a long story short God discovered iniquity in Lucifer’s/Satan’s heart and had him cast out of Heaven. I can just imagine the Archangel Michael. He has been sitting back watching and listening to Lucifer make his plans. Lucifer probably even approached Michael and wanted to recruit him in the coop. what I can imagine is the strain in the muscles of the Archangel because he wants to tear Lucifer apart but he is constrained. You see God the King has an orderly way to run things and the Archangel reported directly to Lucifer so being Subject to Lucifer he could do nothing because he had no free will.
When God found sin in Lucifer I believe he was very disappointed. I believe Lucifer may have been the only creature God had endowed with a free will up to this point in time. I believe Lucifer had dominion over other Angels that were capable of making a choice to follow in the coop attempt but in fact had no Free Will.
God fired his second in command. Lucifer up to this point must have been thinking he had a real chance at succeeding because nobody had tried to buck his authority. With that safety net gone now God allowed the war in Heaven to take place that ultimately cast Lucifer and his minions down.
God spoke the creatures into existence why didn’t He just snuff them out and start over? I think it was a reward to the Archangel Michael and all the other Heavenly creatures that resisted the poison Lucifer was spreading. I think God just let the fight go on for while to show Lucifer that as his Subject he would have to fight. Do you think Lucifer wanted Michael to punch him in his pretty little nose? Do you think Lucifer wanted to get pummeled and hurt and embarrassed? The biggy’ do you think Lucifer wanted the humiliation of being the Kings Subject even after he was kicked out of Heaven?
You will find several times in Scripture where Satan came to present himself to the King just like every Subject had to do from time to time. A Subject no matter how high your status is in the Kingdom is still SUBJECT to the King.
Royal Subjects are only part of the Kingdom as long as the King thinks your services are valuable and loyal. There is no kindred spirit between the King and His Subjects. A Subject can be replaced at any time or that Subjects position in the Kingdom may become obsolete as to the Kings desires.
Royal Blood………….
Throughout my research of Early to Current Monarchies I find that secession to the Thrown is passed down only to the Bloodline of the Royal Family. Nowhere can you find a King going to his Subjects to find a successor. The Thrown is passed down to a Son or a Daughter of the same Bloodline of the seated Ruler, be it King or Queen.
In other words if you did not have Royal Blood flowing through your veins you were not part of the Royal family, all you could ever hope to be was a Royal Subject.
God allowed the war to take place in Heaven a long time before the foundations of our world. But God became a little lonely I think. Why else would he have spoken our little Blue Planet into existence?
God allowed Satan to observe His whims in action as He created the world we live on from nothing. On second thought; part of me thinks he commanded all of his Subject to witness His awesome power as he simply spoke his next project into existence.
As God who reins sovereign over all things I think it was more like poking a stick in the Devils eye along with his demons. They had no choice but to watch and wonder what He was up to.
We all know the story of how God created the Heavens and the Earth but the Angels could not have known His purpose for this action. Remember Lucifer was his most trusted companion and after casting him out I find nothing that suggest another being took his place as Gods confidant.
God spoke the Angels into existence and they had to be perplexed when the Earth was completed. I’m sure the Loyal Subjects of the King went on about their duty to praise and Worship God as His whims came to fruition.
The Fallen Angels were forced to worship whether they wanted to or not because they were still Subjects of the King. Satan had been removed from Heavenly bliss because of his rebellion but he was still there to witness Gods new project. Satan had the run of the place. He was free to go to and fro upon this new Earth but he had no insight into Gods mind, and God wasn’t telling him.
Satan probably thought this new project was just something for God to kill a little bored time with.
Wait a minute….. what is God doing???? He has never done this before. God stepped off his thrown and is walking in a Garden He had named Eden. Of course Satan was in the Garden keeping an eye on his Master. He was hiding because as far as he was concerned this new world belonged to him. Satan planned to build his empire here and now God was here doing something strange.
What is He doing now? God is on His hands and knees playing in the dirt. Wait a minute He is shaping the dirt with His bare hands. God took the dust of the Earth and shaped an image that Satan was sure to recognize.
Gen. 1:27 So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.
Gen. 2:7 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and……………wait a minute God has never done this before……….. God on His hands and knees breathed into his nostrils the breath of Life; and man became a Living Soul.
No,no,no,nooooo……………. God just gave this pile of dirt a breath from His Own mouth and transferred an element of God Himself into this thing he called MAN.
Lucifer has just realized what was happening. This man was not spoken into existence like everything else including Lucifer and the other Angelic Beings. This man was truly a living part of the King. As a living being sculpted by Gods hands and giving up so much of what is only unique to God in the form of a living soul.
The soul of the man is God. How can that be??? God has no need to have a successor to the Thrown yet he just gave birth to a true Bloodline. The Bloodline of God Himself and in His Own image no less.
Satan watched as God placed the man into the Beautiful Garden of Eden and proclaimed his name to be Adam. Satan watched and heard when God gave Adam (Gods) on son dominion over all the Earth and everything in it. No,no,no Satan is supposed to have dominion over this place since he was cast out of Heaven. This Earth was his and now things just took a major twist. Satan would have to be smarter than God and this Adam if he wanted to rule this new realm.
Lucifer watched as God strolled through the Garden with Adam. “That used to be me” he thought. I used to be the one God talked to but this is different. God seems to be enjoying His talks with Adam more than me. Thinking back all God needed from me was a daily report, all business. I don’t like the way God and Adam act like they are just a big Happy Family. So what……… God will get bored soon and leave this man Adam behind and I will turn him into one of my Subjects.
Lucifer watched and waited, he waited and waited and waited some more but God was still coming everyday to talk to Adam. He just did not understand it. God could simply summon Adam into His Presence if he needed to speak to him. That is the way all the other Subjects were handled. I guess Mr. Big Shot Adam must feel really important to have the King come looking for him instead of the other way around.
Lucifer finally sees a crack in the relationship between God and Adam. Adam used to be content living here in the Garden and enjoying his daily visit when God would come walk and talk with him. Lucifer hates Adam because he is visited by God and now he can see a sadness creeping up inside of Adam. He can work with that. God will be too busy with other things to notice that Adam is not happy and that is when I will talk to him. I will become his friend and then I will destroy the relationship he has with God.
Today is the day, Satan is going to make his move, and he is going to have a chat with Adam.
God shows up a little early this day. What is that all about? How is it God shows up right at the moment he is going to trip up Adam? God did see sadness in Adam. God understood Adam needed a Help Mate to keep him company. Adam needed a confidant. God being as powerful as He is found he missed his Confidant (Lucifer) and that is why He breathed the breath of life into a new being called Adam to fill that loneliness.
God caused a deep sleep to come over Adam………….. Lucifer can only guess what is happening. First he witnessed God form the image of Himself out of the dust and give it life with a Soul. Now what? Is God going to take that part of himself away from Adam? Is He going to remove the Soul from Adam?
While in a deep sleep God took one of Adams ribs and then closed up the wound.
Lucifer is baffled. The smartest creature to ever be created and he just can’t figure out what this Adam means to God and what is he going to do with Adams rib?
God took the rib of Adam and formed it into a Woman, a Help Mate for Adam.
Lucifer is thinking……… what a waste of time. God could have simply spoken a creature into existence to be a Help Mate for Adam if that is all he needed.
God brings the Woman to Adam.
Gen. 2:23 And Adam said this is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh………
It finally dawned on Lucifer. If God had simply formed woman from the earth or just spoken her into existence God would have no true Royal Bloodline. Where would it have gone if God had stopped with Adam? As it is now God breathed into existence by giving up a part of Himself to give birth to a new Help Mate called Adam. Adam is literally family, Bloodline of the King. With this Woman and Gods desire for them to populate the Earth there is going to be a Royal Bloodline till the end of the world.
Satan really hates God and he hates Adam and he is going to do what he can to come between the two of them. He just has to disrupt this relationship before it gets out of hand.
We all know the story of how the Serpent convinced Eve to betray Gods trust and in turn she led the downfall of Adam. Lucifer knew he had no chance with Adam but Eve proved to be a little weaker since she was farther down the Royal Bloodline.
When God found the iniquity in Eve and the subsequent sin in Adam he was heartbroken. He cast Adam and Eve from the Garden just like he had Lucifer thrown down. Satan could not have been happier accept for one thing.
There was disappointment when Lucifer betrayed God but there was no Love lost. Lucifer had simply been a Royal Subject where failure meant eternal damnation.
This was different; God was not mad but heartbroken. This betrayal did not lead to eternal damnation but it did carry a heavy penalty. The way I see it the penalty paid for betraying God was not being cast out of the Garden but the CHOICE.
Being cast from the Garden of Eden was more like being banned from the Zoo. Choice on the other hand was a life sentence.
While in the Grace of God Adam and Eve would have spent eternity taking strolls in the cool of the evening with the King. Choice changes that. God had to punish Man but at the same time he could not treat Man as a Royal Subject because thanks to Gods breath of Life Man was family, Man was of the Royal Blood.
Choice is a heavy burden to bear. Choose one way and you get eternal damnation, Choose another way and it ends in eternal bliss.
Satan if you remember was the smartest creature God had ever created. Don’t think you can out smart Satan because you can’t. The only thing that keeps Satan at bay is the fact as a Royal Subject he cannot cause direct harm to a member of the Royal Bloodline.
God’s love for family is strong. Through the ages He watched Man struggle with the burden of Choice. God watched as Satan ran to and fro on the Earth and walking up and down in it seeking out the weaker ones in the Royal Bloodline and talking to them. He would talk and turn the hearts of Man to wickedness.
Satan was slowly building his own kingdom and intended to turn Gods Royal Bloodline into his Subjects. Satan planned on ruling his own kingdom and destroying Gods faith in Man at the same time.
Being the King, the Head of the Family, being God he would not leave Man to a conniving Devil for eternity. God decided to pay a little visit. The Garden of Eden had been too long ago. God wanted to stretch his legs and take some much needed Family time off the Thrown.
God robed himself in flesh and came to Earth. We all know the story of how the baby Jesus came on the scene but I want to skip forward to answer my first question.
Why did Satan hate Peter?
Satan could not know the mind of God but he did recognize Him when He came on the scene. Satan knew who Jesus was. Satan knew the King he was Subject too was here in the flesh.
God had surprised Lucifer when He got down in the dirt to bring forth Adam. The Smart Devil thought God must be losing it and he was determined to outsmart God… after all he was the smartest creature God had ever created.
Satan managed to drive a wedge between Adam and God, so what if it had cost a few extra bumps on his head for that victory. It only proves Satan was smart.
He had been running the show down here on Earth for quite some time and I’m sure when he was called before the Thrown of the King to answer for his actions he rubbed in the fact that Man was wicked. He thought on some level he was still going to outsmart God. He was the smartest creature God had ever created after all.
Every chance Satan had he would try and get close to Jesus. Jesus was a Man and Satan was not real sure how much of God was in Jesus. Satan being the smart one he was he devised a test just to find out where Jesus really was in the Royal Bloodline.
Again we all know how the story goes. It ends like this.
Mat. 4:10-11 Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written,Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. 11 Then the Devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.
Satan learned a hard lesson and was probably glad Jesus just told him to leave instead of letting the Archangel get his hands on him again.
Satan finally understood that in Jesus there was the fullness of the Godhead. Now he was really worried. Why was God here in the flesh? The last time God stepped down from the Thrown was to create Man. It had taken a while but Satan pretty much had all of Man under his control or at least heading in the direction of his choice. Why was God here now?
Satan watched as Jesus started talking and teaching everywhere he went. A following of a group of men profoundly disturbed him. There was nothing he could do about Jesus but he had to do something about the disciples. There was one in particular he really did not like. It was that Peter. It wasn’t anything that Satan could put his finger on yet but he knew he hated him.
Jesus saw something in Peter that was strong. Peter could be the beginning of the revolution that was about to take place. Jesus saw in Peter the strength to overcome and adapt to changing situations without losing sight of his goal.
That was it…… Satan could tell that Jesus had taken Peter into his confidence just like he had Lucifer back in the day. Instead of Lucifer being involved in the inner circle of God it was Peter, and God thinks Peter has what it takes to combat the Devil and win. Satan really hated Peter because Peter took Satan’s place as Gods wingman. God was planning something really big……… bigger than anything ever and he was sharing the secret with Peter and in times past that would have been himself. The real clincher was when he found out what the big plan was.
God was here in the flesh to give Man the Plan of Salvation. God intended to begin this movement with his key player, his number one guy, his wingman… Peter.
Mat 16:18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will Build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
Now we know why Satan hated Peter so much but why does he hate us more?
When Jesus gave his life for us on the Cross it was the ultimate act of Love any being could bestow upon another. To have God Almighty, Kings of Kings, the very One that could whisper it all out of existence willing to bear the punishment of Choice as a Man that He as God had placed on Man when they were thrown out of the Garden was something the Smartest Creature ever created could not comprehend.
God loved his family, you and I so much he was willing to experience Death, Hell, and the Grave.
The Choice of life eternal as a punishment had run its course.
God came to Earth, lived as a Man, and died on the Cross as a Man, only to rise again as the Conqueror of Death Hell and the Grave.
The hidden agenda that Satan never figured out was really very simple. Yes Jesus gave Peter the plan of Salvation, Yes God freed the souls throughout the centuries that had been held in bondage. Yes Jesus resurrected himself and ascended into Heaven. All of this was a tremendous display of power. This was a display to remind Satan just who the King was and who the Royal Bloodline was.
Satan hates us more than anything because no matter how powerful he is, the Smartest Creature ever created is still Subject to the Royal Bloodline.
Satan can’t separate us from the love of God and a simple word or action in Jesus name is enough of a reminder that he has to flee.
I am a child of the King. I have Royal Blood in my Veins and I and my house plan on using the Choice God gave us to spend eternity basking in the Presence of the King. Amen Written by Charles McDonald Holt


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