I Remember You

Miss you Sis, and              (I will Remember You)


As our family was torn apart from childhood during a time when only the strongest should survive,

(I Remember You).

I was too young to understand what was happening and to this day do not remember the reason for You, Shelia and I being torn apart from each other but

(I Remember You).

As childhood swept by the three of us were pulled in opposite directions.

No matter what home I ended up in

(I Remember You)

Found me.

Throughout my adult life, even though you were Lost most of the time yourself

(I Remember You)

Managed to stay in contact with me.

(I Remember You)

In so many ways but, it was my lost sister I know best.

Teresa was looking for that connection of belonging and family.

Shelia and I could not be part of that family because we were thrust into the world seemingly to never reconnect but,

(I Remember You)

Being too stubborn to let politics and miles keep it that way.

(I Remember You)

Lived by your own set of rules, you defied the odds. Teresa you found us, your Sister and Brother. In the end you came to a place where you could rest from your weary travels and have family.

(I Remember You)

Now as my sister who was once lost. Red you found her. Thank you.

Teresa you were the glue/magnet/spider-web or whatever you can think of that kept our family from drifting off and completely out of touch with each other.



Pecan Grove Funeral Home & Cremations

Teresa Ann CulverhouseTeresa Ann Culverhouse(September 9, 1960 – July 14, 2012)

Teresa Ann Culverhouse 51, of Waco passed away Saturday July 14, 2012. A memorial service will be held 10 am Friday July 20, 2012 at Pecan Grove Funeral Home 3124 Robinson Dr. with Rev. Terry Graham officiating.Teresa was born September 9, 1960 in Houston, TX to parents Susan Davis and James Gilbert Birdsong.

Teresa was preceded in death by her son, J.W. Culverhouse.

Survivors include her mother, Suzanne Davis Diaz of Franklin, KY; brother, Charles McDonald-Holt of Deweyville, TX; sister, Shelia Crooms of Long Branch, TX; daughters, Amanda Lankford of San Antonio, TX and Jennifer Culverhouse of Franklin, KY; son, Clint Culverhouse of Franklin, KY; grandchildren, Patrick Eason, Ashley Eason, Johnny Sieger, Jaden Culverhouse, Peyton Culverhouse, and Alexa Zimmerman.


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  1. Jimmy


    I’m so sorry for your and Sheila’s loss. Our hearts and prayers are with yall and Theresa’s family.

    Love yall,


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