I bit the head off of a snake

I bit the head off a snake……. I awoke with a start; the thing was wrapped around my neck and hissing right in my face. Did I panic? Of course I did, from a sound sleep I felt the snake begin to tighten its grip on my throat and before I could come to full wakefulness I realized the snakes head was right in my face with its jaws wide open as if it were going to try and swallow me whole. I could feel his breath on my cheek, and yes I freaked out.

In the seconds it takes to wake up I only had one thought and that was to survive. The snake, I don’t know what kind it was but it was big enough to eat me, was in the last stages of squeezing and choking me with the intention of swallowing me alive.

This is not for the faint of heart. I almost didn’t make out with my life. My heart has started pounding again just in recounting my ordeal.

Even though I was still in the dregs of sleep and the life nearly choked out of me I scrambled with what must have been superhuman strength. The adrenalin rushing through my body I grabbed the snake by the neck to keep his head away from my face. The breath coming from him was horrible as it brushed across my cheek.

The harder I grappled with him the tighter he squeezed. I tried to strangle him at first but every time I would push his head away, his body would tighten around my neck bringing me to the point of blacking out.

It took only a second or two I guess, but it felt like I fought that snake for hours.

Even though it saved my life I hate recounting the part where I bit his head off.

Though I was in a daze from waking up in a panic and from the lack of blood to my brain I still had the fight or flight instinct. I couldn’t run away so my reaction was by instinct alone. Since I couldn’t get away from this thing by pushing it off of me I pulled him closer and bit him in the neck right behind the head. As soon as I bit down I remember the flesh did not break under the pressure of my teeth but I could hear the snakes breathing falter.

I know what is going through your head (how can I hear the snake breathing?) I guess because he was close enough to eat me. When I decided to eat him instead he gasped, with every bite I took he seemed to gasp louder.

I still remember the feeling of his flesh and the way the snake squirmed with every bite. The skin did not want to break…….. He was one tough skinned snake is all I can say but I chewed on him with the ferocity of a man that woke up to find a snake attacking him. I was finally able to break the flesh and the snakes gasping became terrible…. More terrible than before, the air from his lungs filled my mouth as I was biting him and I could hear it screaming in my ear. The gush of air coming from the snake would not stop!!! Oh God what was happening?

I came to full wakefulness. My head began to clear. I was sweating, my heart was raising but I had won. I had just torn the CPAP Mask off the end of the hose that had wrapped itself around my neck during a dream I was having about a giant snake that was trying to eat me. I am at work now writing this account and picking plastic out from between my teeth.

I’m going to need a new mask and hose now. Dreams, how real they are.



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12 responses to “I bit the head off of a snake

  1. roxane

    That was awesome babe. You need to do another book.


  2. Melissa

    Ok I was in it all the way. Waiting for the end to see what it really was. I had no Idea it would be a plastic hose. Very good story, I love you, Aunt Melissa


  3. Ray Buxton

    Had my attention right to the waking up. I enjoyed it buddy. Where are you guys at? I still have not heard anything from Vegas. Take care bud.


  4. Teresa

    Ok you had me going, very good, didn’t expect the ending. I should of known it would be something really out there. A real attention keeper!


  5. Charles, pain pills have terrible effects on people!!! I applaud the excellence in writing such a gripping story!! Just kidding about the pain pills! I am experiencing the same struggle with bill collectors and no job! LOL Billie Jean


  6. jimmy hoyt

    man i was into the story trying to imagine snake blood in my mouth…tastes a little like plastic i hear 🙂


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